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It’s YOU who inspire us to create! Our ultimate muse is a woman who is passionate, feminine, loving, relaxed, ambitious, natural, conscious, and comfortable in her own skin – the Bohomey woman.

Thank you for sharing the precious moments of your life with us. We are so grateful that we can be part of your story.

Join our world and see more of them.
It’s love that makes a family  🤍 

Graceful @victoria_mac___ chose to wear the OCEAN BREEZE linen set in white for the family photoshoot. Photo: @egle_liepa


Enjoy the pleasures!


@auramasiule is wearing IMAGINE & BLOOM linen duo at @malunonamai

Beauty @milda.riklikiene looks fabulous in the ADORE linen dress.

Photo: @golden_aukse

Magnicifent @henrietale7 chose to wear MOONLOVE mini dress in white for her family photoshoot. Photo: @simonavirsilaite

Alluring and feminine @rasa_naujale wears TEMPTATION Linen dress in black. Photo: @lihanovaphoto

The Woman of the dunes @neringadaniseviciute in MOONLOVE Maxi dress in Sky Blue. Photo: @laurakazlauskiene_

The Love Story🤍

Modern day bride @godagric has chosen white TEMPTATION Linen Dress.

Gorgeous @victoria_mac___ wears the limited TEMPTATION linen dress in grey blue. Photo: @egle_liepa

Alive, beautiful and free. Just like the sea. Adore Linen dress in ecru colour.
Photo: @renata_janulyniene


The perfect holiday outfit! @rasa_naujale wears white MOONLOVE Maxi dress. Photo: @lihanovaphoto 


The Beauty of Sisterhood.

Two amazing sisters @karina_gaile and @agne_smirnovaite go for effortlessly elegant black & white style with TEMPTATION linen dresses.

The right mix of ease and elegance. @neringadaniseviciute in Adore Linen dress.

Photo: @laurakazlauskiene_

 @rasa_naujale wears your most loved linen dress ADORE. Photo: @lihanovaphoto 

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